Elliniko (Koulentia)

Elliniko (Koulentia)

Elliniko (Koulentia) is a small village huddled in the mountain slopes of Lakonia, near Foutia, on one of the roads from Monemvasia to Neapoli and Elafonisos island. Inside the village the road is narrow and flanked by old stone houses. The local people are engaged with agriculture.
The atmosphere is very relaxing and there are very few tourists that stop in this remote village.

highlights: tiny village with old houses huddled in the mountain slope, village in Laconia Region, Peloponnese, Greece

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view to the village from the road to Fotiaold villager looks after goat herdGoat herds are a common sight in the reagonturn right to enter the village or left to Neapoli and Elafonisos islandthe village old stone houses on the mountain slopeThe curious people can follow the sing and explore the nearby ancient fortress
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