Contaratos Holiday Lettings

Contaratos Holiday Lettings

Contaratos Holiday Lettings is located in Kythira Town, Kythira. Contaratos Holiday Lettings common facilities include garden.

The property provides accommodation in studio and other might be available upon request. The rooms offer mountain view. Room amenities include air-conditioning, heating, fridge, etc.

All areas of the aparthotel are covered by free WiFi.
There is free parking on site.
Pets are accepted.

  • General
    Sun terrace, Garden
  • Room types
  • Room view
    Mountain view
  • Amenities
    Air-conditioning, Heating, Fridge, Hot plates, Towels, Linen, Balcony, Patio, Shower, Toilet
  • Services
    Car rental
  • Internet
    Free WiFi in all areas
  • Parking
    Free parking on site
  • Pets
    Pets are allowed
  • Activities
    Tennis court
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Address: Kythira Town, Kythira, Ionian Islands, Greece
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