Egremni is one of the three most famous beaches of Lefkada, along with Porto Katsiki and Kathisma. It is on the southwestern coast of the island, under 150 m high cliffs, and due to its length (almost 3 km) it never gets too crowded no matter the cruise boats which often drop tourists.

Unfortunately, after the strong earthquake in Lefkada on 17 Nov 2015, parts of Egremni beach were buried under landslide. The 347 steps leading down to the beach were ruined and the solid rock masses above the beach collapsed, dividing it into three and destroying the exotic landscape of Egremni which ranked it among the most beautiful beaches in the world. In the following years the sea restored the shoreline almost to its previous width and new staircase was built. Since 2022 the beach has been accessible on foot again but many tourists prefer to come by boat.

From a distance Egremni looks entirely sandy but when you come closer you will find out that the shore is covered with small cream-colored pebbles. They are so tiny and smooth that they really look like sand from above. Intense waves are usual for this beach and the sea gets deep fast so people with children should be extremely careful, as well as those who cannot swim.

Currently there is no beach bar at Egremni and you should carry on your own parasol. There is a cafe just above the beach where you can buy drinks and snacks.


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