Egremni is one of the three most famous beaches of Lefkada, along with Porto Katsiki and Kathisma. It is on the southwestern coast of the island, under 150 m high cliffs, and due to its length (almost 3 km) it never gets too crowded no matter the cruise boats which often drop tourists.

Unfortunately, after the strong earthquake in Lefkada on 17 Nov 2015, parts of Egremni beach were buried under landslide. The solid rock masses above the beach collapsed, dividing it into three and destroying the exotic landscape of Egremni which ranked it among the most beautiful beaches in the world. Now the sea has restored the shoreline almost to its previous width but currently the beach can be visited only by boat. The road leading to the beach which also collapsed during the earthquake is still under construction, and it is expected to be ready in 2021.

In the recent past Egremni was accessible via 347 steep steps, leading down to it. Most photos of the beach you can see (including those in our gallery) were taken prior 2015 and they show the beach from above, showing it in all of its beauty with strikingly blue water merging with the horizon and golden sands spreading under the cliffs. But if you look closer, you will found out that the sand is not exactly sand but small cream-colored pebbles. They are so tiny and smooth that they really look like soft sand from above. Intense waves are usual for this beach and the sea gets deep fast so people with children should be extremely careful.


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