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The Diros Caves are a natural phenomenon located between Areopoli and Pyrgos Dirou. They are one of the most important caves in Greece and have a cave lake which is considered to be part of an underground river.

The cave complex consists of three caves but only two of them, Vlychada and Alepotrypa are open for visitors. The route through the caves includes walking through narrow passages, sailing with boats in the lake through cave tunnels (by a licensed guide) and the last part of the route is walking again. The caves has beautiful stalactites and stalagmites but the most interesting part is the boat trip, not recommended to people suffering from claustrophobia. The whole trip lasts 30-40 min.

You can reach the Diros Caves through Pyrgos Dirous, there are many signs. When you approach the site, you will see a barrier and a ticket office. You should buy the tickets first and then you proceed to the cave entrance. The price of the tickets by May 2015 was EUR 15 per adult. Next to the parking lot there is a msall pebbly beach with beach cafe and old chapel. The Diros Caves are open to visitors all year round but in the winter they close earlier (at 3 pm).

highlights: natural phenomenon with a cave lake, nature in Mani Region, Peloponnese, Greece

The parking lot seen from the roadTicket office and barrierInside the cavesGuide in the boatView from the roadThe beach cave next to the cave entranceDiros beach next to the cavesLonely boat in the seaParking lot next to the caves entrance
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Address: Mani Region, Peloponnese, Greece
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