Dimitrouliana is an area with a group of houses, located around the banks of Kournas Lake. It is not exactly a village but it is very close to the village of Mouri, and around the lake there are restaurants and souvenir shops. Almost all the houses are villas to rent. Kournas lake is the only fresh water lake on Crete, with a big and very deep dark hole in the middle, which according to local legends is home to a nymph. The Lefka Ori Mountain (White Mountain) is reflected in the lake waters. You can swim in Kournas (water is usually cold), and there is even a narrow strip of sand and gravel used as a beach.

The seaside resort of Georgioupoli and its long sandy beach are less than 5 km away.

highlights: group of houses around the banks of Kournas lake, village in Chania Region, Crete, Greece

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