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Diaporti is one of the least known beaches on Sithonia, especially by tourists and you will not stumble upon it by chance. It is located on the southwest coast and reachable via dirt road, and it practically connects mainland with the small islet of Pounta which lies very close to the shore.

In order to visit Diaporti, you should follow the road for Likithos Village hotel which is between Areti and Styladario. The road to Likithos passes by the very unknown Vathy beach and runs along the sea, ending at a dirt road with signboard "private road". The distance from here to Diaporti is about 600 meters and you need to walk it because the sign say vehicles are prohibited (and because the road, although wide, is not in a very good condition).

The beach itself is not spectacular - a small spot of gravel and pebbles and pebbled sea bottom. When the tide is low you can see the causeway which connects it with the islet of Pounta, at high tide the islet looks cut off but it is still very shallow and you can easily walk through the water. Most probably you will not meet anyone else here, except for single boats touring around the coastline. Pounta has one private property on it which is fenced in such a way that you cannot walk on the island.
highlights: one of the least known beaches of Sithonia, beach in Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece
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