small uninhabited island with many beaches and private villas to rent

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If you want to taste the thrilling experience of spending your holiday on a private island with turquoise beaches, then Diaporos is definitely one of your places. It is an islet in the bay of Vourvourou, Sithonia, Halkidiki, lying very close to the shore. It belongs to a group of uninhabited islands known as the "nine islands of Vourvourou" and it is the largest of them.

Diaporos is only 3 km long from the northernmost to the southernmost point and 1.5 wide in its widest part, and there are no hills or elevations. It has very indented coast with numerous coves with shallow water, and the sea is mixture of light and dark blue. One of the best beaches on the island is Myrsini on the east side, also called White beach or Hawaii because of its white sand and saturated blue water. Due to the geographical location the coves are wind protected and there are no waves. You can easily reach Diaporos with your private boat/yacht or to rent one from Vourvourou, the trip takes just a few minutes. There are also organized boat trips which make a tour around all the islets, or leave you on one of the island beaches for a few hours. You can also hire a small motor boat for a whole day (approximately EUR 50 and no special license needed).

There are no permanent residents on Diaporos but some privates villas and holiday homes to rent are available. Since they are still few in number and placed away from each other, it feels like you are all alone on the island, especially at night. Even though you can meet many people on some of the beaches during the day (mostly at Myrsini) there are enough other coves where you can find privacy. No restaurants and shops are available on Diaporos (for now) and the closest are in Vourvourou. Unpaved roads and paths cross the island all over so you can walk to almost any point of it.
highlights: small uninhabited island with many beaches and private villas to rent, island in Halkidiki, North Greece, Greece
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