Steep hills sloping down to the sea


Desimi is one of the less known Lefkada beaches. It lies on the east side of Geni peninsula, surrounded by high cliffs covered with a lot of greenery. The place is popular among campers because of its campsite and the surrounding nature where construction is almost missing.

Desimi is long and narrow beach, with small pebbles and transparent green-blue water. It overlooks Meganisi island and the uninhabited islet of Thilia, quite protected from winds and suitable for swimming and snorkeling. In one of the cliffs there is a small sea cave that you see from the beach - you can visit it by swimming or rent a canoe (available on Desimi) and explore the surrounding shoreline. Besides the campsite, there are a couple of beach restaurants and a cantina lined in front of the beach, and at the back side there are rooms to rent and holiday homes. The lively resort of Nydri is 8 km, opposite the west side of Geni and the bay of Vlicho with its boats and yachts.
highlights: long and narrow pebbled beach with campsite, beach in Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece
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Steep hills sloping down to the seaThe nearby sea cave with church

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