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The scenic seaside settlement of Damouchari gained population after the Mamma Mia movie was launched in 2008 as some of the scenes were shot there. It lies on the west coast of Pelion, close to the beaches of Papa Nero and Agios Ioannis.

Damouchari, often written as Ntamouchari on some signs, can be reached via the mountainous village of Mouresi or via the coastal road which connects it with Agios Ioannis. As you enter the village, you will see a wide area with parked cars - this is the parking lot and it is better to leave you vehicle here. The road continues down to the old harbor but it is steep, narrow and dead end - you may end up without any space to park, neither to turn back your car, especially in July and August. Namely the old harbor was the place where some of the movie scenes took place and there are a couple of seafront tavernas and cafes, accepting the curious visitors and even showing them photos taken during the filming. There is a small patch of coarse sand and pebbles at the harbor but this is not Damouchari beach, although some people use it for swimming in the transparent blue-green water and for snorkeling.

The streets leading from the harbor to the beach are narrow and pedestrian only but the distance is short. You just need to pass by the few souvenirs shops and taverna entrances and soon you will see the beach and the rock which separates it from the harbor. In the past this rock was occupied by a Medieval castle but now there are only ruins overgrown with grass and bushes. Damouchari beach is relatively large, covered with pebbles and coarse sand. The sea is not very shallow around the shore but it slopes gently and the water is blue and transparent. Unlike the harbor, the visitors here are less and there is one taverna and no other facilities except for a shower and changing cabin.

From the south end of Damouchari beach starts a hiking trail which leads to the mountainous village of Tsangarada. The first section of it winds up around the hill and reaches the top from which a spectacular view is revealed to Damouchari beach from above.

highlights: scenic beach and harbor with seafront tavernas, village in Pelion, Thessaly, Greece
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