Cape Tenaro

Signboard pointing to the lighthouse and the Roman mosaic

Cape Tenaro, also known as Cape Matapan, is the southernmost part of Mani peninsula. The lighthouse on the tip of the cape is the southernmost point of Greece and continental Europe.

The road ends at the small and sleepy village of Kokkinogia, there is a small parking lot to leave your car. On the parking lot you will see a couple of signboards - one for the Sanctuary of Poseidon Tenaros, which is just 20 meters away, and others for the lighthouse and the Roman mosaic ground. The path to the lighthouse is 2 km long and you have to continue on foot. The Roman mosaic is closer to the parking, at a distance of 500 meters and bespeaks of the ancient times when the area was populated.


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Address: Mani Region, Peloponnese, Greece
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highlights: the southernmost point of continental Europe, nature in Mani Region, Peloponnese, Greece

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