Blue Caves

Blue Caves

Along with Navagio beach, the Blue Caves are the most popular and visited sight on Zakynthos. It is a group of sea caves on the northeast coast of the island accessible by boat. Although there are many other caves on the west coast of the island, these are the most famous. The trips to Navagio usually include the Blue Caves on the route but there are boats going only in the caves.

The caves are called "blue" due to bright spots of light and dark color of the sea around and in the caves, and to the reflection of sunlight. This reflection make all objects blue when submerged into the water. Some of the caves are big enough so small boats can go into them or pass through the arches formed by them.

Skinari cape in the north allows people to go down to the sea by steps and swim in some of the caves without boat trip.

highlights: one of the most popular sigths on the island, nature in Zakynthos, Ionian Islands, Greece

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