The Blue Caves

The Blue Caves

The western coast of Paxos abounds in sea caves, some of them are so big that cruise boats and ships can easily go inside (like Ypapandi cave). They can be reached only by sea and in order to see them, you can take advantage of the organized daily boat trips or rent a boat and visit the caves yourselves.

The most popular cluster of sea caves on the island is near Erimitis beach and all boats and ships stop here for swimming and rest. The sea water around the caves is vivid blue and thus they call them "the blue caves". The roof of one of the caves has collapsed and formed a hole through which the sunshine peeks inside. The imposing rock of Ortholithos (a huge vertical rock which sticks out of the sea) is near the Blue caves.

highlights: sea caves with vivid blue water, nature in Paxos, Ionian Islands, Greece

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The Blue CavesOrtholithos cave near the Blue CavesThe Blue CavesOrtholithos cave near the Blue CavesBoat in the caveThe Blue CavesThe Blue CavesThe Blue CavesThe Blue CavesPeople swimming in the cavesPeople swimming in the cavesThe collapsed roofIn the caveThe Blue CavesIn the caveBlue waterCaptain Hook`s shipAt the cave entranceReady to jumpApproaching the cavesApproaching the cavesApproaching the cavesDo you see the man on the rock?On the route to the Blue CavesThe collapsed rocks of Erimitis beachThe Blue CavesEntering the caveEntering the caveThe Blue CavesThe Glass Bottom boat from GaiosThe Glass Bottom boat from GaiosInside the caveInside the caveThe Blue CavesThe Blue CavesThe west coast
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