5 of the most striking Cyclades ports

The Blue Star ferry attaching its first rope

These are some of those places that make you want to get off the ferry even though it is not your destination. Traveling to a distant island of the Cyclades Islands may turn from a boring time-wasting trip to an intriguing experience as the ferry stops at some (or more) island ports on its way. The thrill of expectation will keep your spirit up before each next stop because approaching these fairytale-like places from the sea and seeing them getting bigger right in front of eyes has nothing to do with photos. And here they are, some of the most impressive ports of the Cyclades:

Serifos Town, Serifos

Aegean Speed Lines ferry arrives at the main island port

When approaching, in the barren landscape you will see a hill “sprinkled” with white houses – all are densely built on the top and the slopes of a high elevation, coming down to the sea and the port.

Ermoupoli, Syros

View to both hills and churches

No wonder why they call it the Queen of Cyclades. It`s not in the typical white and blue but the different colors and neoclassical architecture make it look even more fascinating.

Naxos Town, Naxos

It is hard to say what would grab your attention first: the Apollo Gate in front of the port or the walls of the Venetian castle nestled between the terraced-built cubical houses. The inner part of the castle is as promising as it looks.

Ios Town, Ios

Looks much like Serifos Town, a hill dotted with buildings in white and blue. The small white chapel which rises up on the hilltop would make you wonder what the reverse view is (from the top towards the ferry).

Athinios, Santorini

Most people believe that Oia and Fira are the sea ports of Santorini. Yes, but for small boats only. The ferry port of Santorini, Athinios, is not impressive itself but the surrounding landscape of volcanic layers is. Not to mention that before you reach Athinios you will pass close by Oia, Imerovigli and Fira and you will be already stricken by the view.

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