The magical sunsets of Santorini

In the golden hour

If you ever decide to visit Santorini everyone will tell you about the magical sunset of Oia.

Every Santorini guide or brochure will tell you to go to Oia to experience the sunset at its best. People would gather in the west village part, near the windmill and on the top of the ruined castle to track the sun on its way down to the horizon. Some would knee, other may sing and a few would cheer or cry when the burning disk submerges into the sea. It may sound like a movie but reality also features densely packed human bodies and hundreds of big cameras pointed west, selfies everywhere or, if you are lucky, a bride on a nearby balcony. Anyway, it is an experience that should not be missed.

Not many will tell you that Oia is situated at a relatively lower part of the island. There are other villages and locations that offer better and higher vantage points - Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli, Skaros rock and many places along the road between Fira and Aktotiri. From these locations you can enjoy the sun path in a relatively relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. If you have time for experiments asks the locals about the Santorini Conference center. It is built on a higher section of the Caldera and offers exceptional observation point. There are also special sunset boat trips that will amplify the experience with a glass of champagne or even dinner.
If you happen to be in Oia for the sunset occupy your space well in advance - there are plenty of people in the evening and you may end up jumping over dozens of heads to get a glimpse of the show. Note the transformation of colors and shadows as this is the magic of Santorini`s sunset - white houses carved into the dark volcanic rocks, shining with a golden glare from the falling sun.

wedding photography on the hotel terrace at sunset
Wedding photo session on a hotel terrace at sunset.
newly married couple and tourists waiting for the sunset
Tourists and wedding party waiting for the sunset at the road between Fira and Aktotiri.
In the golden hour
The famous sunset as seen from Imerovigli.
many people fill the narrow Oia streets
The Oia streets are always alive and densely packed with tourists - event at the hottest summer noons.
this street and church ruins is where the people gather to observe the
Most of the tourists will concentrate around the ruined castle and the nearby streets.
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