Bella Vraka

Bella Vraka

Bella Vraka is one of the beaches of Syvota and the most exotic one. It is located on the islet of Mourtemeno but you don`t need a boat to reach it - you can walk to it on a thin strip of sand which connects Syvota with the islet. Half of the strip is covered by the water but it is not deep, maybe about 50 cm in the deepest part. As the beach is very small, it often gets really crowded and parking is also difficult in July and August. There is one more small beach next to this one and there are some disputes if both of them are Bella Vraka or not.

highlights: the most exotic beach of Syvota, beach in Thesprotia Region, Epirus, Greece

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From the parking placeSignboard showing the directionThe path going down to the beachThe beach seen from a nearby hotelThe beach seen from a nearby hotelTransparent waterThe beach on Syvotas sideSomeone walking to the isletBella VrakaSurfer during a lesson
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