First of all, this is not the famous Balos lagoon in the westernmost part of Crete, Chania Region (due to the close pronunciation sometimes Balos and Bali are confused). Bali is a coastal settlement in Rethymnon Region, with tourist facilities and a series of four beaches located one under the other and divided by sea rocks. The center of Rethymno Town is about 34 km away.

The village is scattered and rather hilly, with restaurants and cafes at the seafront. The hotels are terraced built and most have sea view, except for the area of the southernmost beach called Livadi where the buildings are set in a valley. The beaches from north to south are as follows: Karavostasi, Bali, Varkotopos and Livadi. All of them are organized with sunbeds and parasols to rent in the summer. Livadi is the largest and widest of all,the rest are smaller and narrower. Bali beach is sometimes called Limani (harbor) because it is next to the village harbor. During the summer on Varkotopos there are inflatable facilities for children in the water, close to the shore. All beaches are sandy and sheltered from the north winds which often blow on Crete north coasts, and the rocks which separate them have small sea caves.

Bali is very close to the main island road which goes along the north coast and connects Heraklion with Rethymno, so it provides easy access to place in both regions. An interesting place to see 15 km south from Bali is the Melidoni cave and within 30 minutes drive to the east you can visit the El Greco museum and Fodele beach. Another point of interest is the beautiful Vosakou Monastery which dates back to 17 century and looks like a fortress (13 km away). A few km east of Bali, right next to the main road, there is a small rocky promontory of the coastline from which you can enjoy the spectacular sunset over the sea.

highlights: seaside resort with scenic sandy beaches, village in Rethymno Region, Crete, Greece

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