Taverna by the road and octopus drying on the sun


Athani is a traditional village in Lefkada island. It is situated along the road that connects the popular beaches of Egremni, Gialos and Porto Katsiki. The village was established in 15th century by Italians from the Venetian republic. In early 20th century some of the inhabitants left to other countries or Greek cities in search of work. In recent times Athani is revitalized by the tourists, with staying for the whole sunny summer season.

In Athani there are traditional houses and villas for rent with most of them offering great sunset views towards the Ionian sea. Plenty of tavernas and coffee shops are situated along the main road and offer terraces with splendid view of the sea. Although situated on the mountain slopes, this is the village closest to the famous beaches of Lefkada - Egremni, Gialos and Porto Katsiki. Gialos is the closest of the three, in just 3.5 km, but due to the elevation it takes over an hour to reach by foot.

During the winter there are few or no tourists and most of the restaurants and shops are closed. Still, the locals are there and will greet any brave soul who ventures the island out of the season.
highlights: traditional village along the road to Egremni, Gialos and Porto Katsiki, village in Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece
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Taverna by the road and octopus drying on the sunMagnificent sunset view with clouds and barely visible ship in the distance

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