Asprogerakata is a village in the inner part of Lefkada island. The village consists of a few dozen houses, villas and holiday homes built around a wide curve of the main island road that goes from Lefkada Town to Vasiliki. It is surrounded by the villages of Kavallos, Pinakochori and Lazarata and was the center of the former municipality of Sfakiotes. A few kilometers away is the traditional village of Karya which is a popular destination for both tourists and local people.

In Asprogerakata there are old houses, some over 100 years, that are restored and rented to tourists. Some of the tavernas and villas operate full year and welcome guests even during the winter season. People chose to stay in Asprogerakata mainly because it is a quiet destination, with good road connections to the island capital, Pefkoulia, Milos and Kathisma beaches.
highlights: village in the inner part of the island with good road connections, village in Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece
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