Empty ssndy beach and cliffs


The sandy beach of Arkoudilas is the southernmost point of the island which can be reached by car on a dirt road. The nearest settlement to Arkoudilas is Kavos (3 km).

The beach is set in a small cove surrounded by high cliffs, and it is over 1 km long. Arkoudilas is a remote and wild place - there are no taverns, studios or villas around it and the area around it is not populated. A beach cantina operates there during the summer months and offers sunbeds, parasols and cold drinks. The sand is soft and yellow but the water is shallow only a few meters from the shore, then it quickly goes deep. Be careful of the strong underwater currents which may sometimes appear.

Next to Arkoudilas the island ends with a rocky cape called Asprokavos. Above the cape you can visit the ruins of the old monastery of Virgin Mary, accessible via dirt road and providing beautiful view over the sea and Paxos island in the distance.
  • Beach
    Parasols, Sunbeds, Sandy, Scenic, Deep, Secluded, Remote
highlights: long and sandy beach at the southernmost point of the island, beach in Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece
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Empty ssndy beach and cliffs

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