It is a small and secluded place near Lakka, hardly to be call a beach as it only has a handful of pebbles. Instead, there are flat rocks around the shore on which you can easily walk and have sunbaths. The sea bottom is rocky, too.

Arkoudaki (meaning "teddy bear") is easy to be found but part of the route includes walking on a narrow path among the trees. If with car, you should follow the signs and the common road for Arkoudaki and Orkos. Near the place where you have to leave your vehicle, you will see a small sign that designates the path going down to Arkoudaki. From here you just need to follow the path. Another way to reach this place is from Lakka, and it takes approximately 20 minutes.


highlights: small and secluded rocky beach, beach in Paxos, Ionian Islands, Greece

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