The mountainous village of Argiroupoli (Argyroupoli) lies 26 km southwest of Rethymno. It is a traditional village with old houses and authentic tavernas, and compared to other inland villages of Crete Argiroupoli is relatively big, with about 700 permanent residents.

The fact that the village name contains the word "poli" ("town") is not by accident. In antiquity it existed under the name Lappa and it was a big and prosperous town during the Roman and later the Venetian period, which is evidenced by the ancient ruins found in the village and around. The present name Argiroupoli means "silver town" and it was given during the Medieval period, when the settlement was known for the nearby silver mines. A point of interest is the archeological site of Ancient Lappa (just next to the village) with well preserved limestone tombs, Roman baths and aqueduct. The site is open to visitors. The old quarter of Argiroupoli, known as Ano Poli (Upper Town), combines Cretan style houses with Venetian mansions and ruined buildings with Roman mosaics.

Visitors come to the village all year round not only because of its historical value. In Argiroupoli there are natural springs and waterfall which keep the air cool even in the hottest days. Water comes from a nearby cave with a small chapel inside, called Agia Dynami. You can walk in the cave and see how the water gushes from the ground. Around the village square family-run taverns offer local specialties after traditional recipes, mainly grilled lamb and pork dishes. The usual seafood is replaced by fresh trout from the two local rivers.

highlights: traditional village with waterfall, Roman ruins and authentic taverns, village in Rethymno Region, Crete, Greece

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