Areopoli (meaning "the town of Ares" and often irregularly pronounced as Aeropoli) is one of the larger settlements of Inner Mani and one of the most visited by tourists. Areopoli is built on the top of a hill above the sea and its picturesque port called Limeni is 4 km below. It offers many facilities for tourists like traditional hotels and guest houses, tavernas, cafes, mini-markets and pastry shops.

The central (old) part of Areopoli has a small square and all tavernas and shops are scattered around it. All buildings in this part are in the traditional Maniot-style with stone walls and towers everywhere. It is closed for cars but there is a large municipal parking next to the main road. On the square a monument of Petros Mavromichalis is rising up - the last Bey of Mani who organized many revolts against the Turks. The Greek War of Independence against the Turk was declared right here, again with the participation of Mavromichalis (his presence of is felt in the whole area as there are restaurants and hotels with the name Petros or Mavromichalis). Another interesting thing you will see while walking on the streets of Areopoli is the old church with the big belfry and the private war museum of a guesthouse.

highlights: the town of Ares, village in Mani Region, Peloponnese, Greece

Empty street in the morningApproaching Areopoli centerThe central squareMonument of Petrobeis MavromichalisTraditional shop with Maniot goodsSouvenirs from AreopoliGrocerys in the old townEarly morningA place for morning coffeeStreet in the old town in the morningA small hidden coffee barView of a side streetAnother small square in the old partMansion with a coffee barDelivery truck managing to pass through the narrow streetsOld church with high belfryFortified settlementSome nice cafes in the old townIn the old partWalking in the old townTraditional guesthousesSide street in the old townGuesthouse with a private war museumGuesthouse with a private war museumGuesthouse with a private war museumFigures above the church doorMansion on the Mavromichalis familyThe big churchEarly morning and no peopleUnique architectureThe smaller church of the old townPrivate parking placeThe big municipal parking next to the main road
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