Apolpena (Apolpaina) is a village on the hill slopes around 1.5 km away from Lefkada Town, Lefkada island. The gap between the two villages is filled with roads, houses and holiday homes, thus blurring the borders of the two settlements. Unless drivers pay attention to the road signs it will be hard for them to say if they are still in Lefkada Town, in Apolpena on in the urbanized area between them.

Due to its elevated location Apolpena offers magnificent views towards the island capital and the Ionian sea. There are numerous villas in the area which all have two common features - terrace and breathtaking view. Some of the villas are really luxurious and have features like large pools or decent gardens.


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highlights: village on on a hill slope with view towards the island capital and the Ionian sea, village in Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece

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