small rocky island with one village

Rock on the west coast


Antikythera is a small rocky island between Crete and Kythira island. It is on the way to ferries which run between Peloponnese and Crete island. Antikythera is known among scientist as the place where the Anikythera mechanism was discovered more than a century ago. The mechanism is an ancient prototype of a clock or analog computer and it was found by divers on a sunk Roman ship near the shores of Antikythira.

The island has only one village, one beach and five churches. The village Potamos is also the port where ferries stop and it has about 40 permanent citizens. Tourists are rare and come just for a day, as there are no facilities except for one taverna by the port. The beach of Xiropotamos is close to the village, set in a sheltered cove, with smooth round pebbles.

highlights: small rocky island with one village, island in Ionian Islands, Greece

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