Ano Potamia

Ano Potamia

The old village of Ano Potamia is located on a hill in the middle of Naxos, approximately 12 km away from the port and center of Naxos Town. The village actually consists of three neighborhoods: Ano Potamia, Messi Potamia and Kato Potamia, translated as Upper, Middle and Lower Potamia, respectively. The main road passes by all of them but does not go inside.

Usually tourists are attracted by Ano Potamia and Messi Potamia where one can have a walk among the quiet houses, ruins of windmills and small churches in the Cyclades style. There are also a few tavernas where to taste authentic local recipes and rest under the shade of trees. An interesting sight to visit is the Kokkos tower dating back to 17 century, with a watermill on the ground floor.

Above Ano Potamia rises up the high rocky hill with Apano Kastro on the top, meaning "Upper Castle". It was the oldest and strongest fortification on the island, partially reconstructed by the Venetians but originally built in antiquity. Near Ano Potamia there is a narrow road towards Apano Kastro and you can go by car to some point but after that you must continue on foot to the top. On the way up there is also a beautiful old church worth to visit.

highlights: old village below Apano Kastro, village in Naxos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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Ano Potamia
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