One of the beaches

Aliko is the name of a natural reserve occupying a small peninsula on the southwest coast of Naxos, distinguished by its cedar forest and big sand dunes. The area includes a couple of sandy beaches - Kedros, Hawaii, Mikrolimano (Mikro Aliko) and Ag. Georgios (this one also known as Aliko - main beach).

The area is protected and there are no buildings or facilities, except for abandoned construction on the tip of the peninsula which was supposed to be hotel resort but was never completed. The beaches are secluded and quiet, without beach bars, parasols or sunbeds. Hawaii is the most scenic, with a line of red-colored cliffs just behind the beach. All the beaches of Aliko are not designated with signboards so you should know in advance where you are going. Parking spaces are available around the abandoned hotel where the paved road ends and you can see the main beach Agios Georgios from the top. The other beaches are accessible on foot via the sand dunes.


One of the beaches

highlights: cedar forest, sand dunes and secluded beaches, beach in Naxos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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