Alika is an old and relatively large village in Mani, Peloponnese. It is situated away from sea, along and above the main road between Gerolimenas and Kyparissos. The settlement has a long history spanning through Byzantine, Venetian and Turkish times intermixed with periods of pirate raids and feuds between local Maniot families. In the last century the permanent population had dropped to under 100 with most of the people moving to Athens. In the center of the village there is a small cobbled square and a church, surrounded by many old Maniot houses. Some of the houses are renovated and used as summer homes. In and around the village there are small hotels, built in traditional stone architecture, and also holiday homes and rooms to rent.

The usual things to do are exploring the village, admiring at the old and new stone buildings, eating in the two tavernas and enjoying the sea view. There are many small old churches hidden in and around the village which are worth a visit:

- Agios Stratigos is on the hill slope above the Alika. The roof is collapsed and the stone interior is open to the weather elements. The place is called "The bloody" because pirates massacred many locals at a night raid. The story tells that candles were lit at Great Saturday night and the light was seen from the sea. Some corsairs spotted this and managed to sneak and ambush the locals. Many perished in the onslaught and their bodies were thrown into the two cisterns next to the church.
- Agios Filipos, Agios Nikolaos and Agios Agnostos are at the north-east outskirts of the village along the road to Marathos. What remains of Agios Filipos is a stone wall, piles of rocks and a small shrine. Agios Nikolaos and Agios Agnostos are partially damaged but still worth a visit.
- Agios Georgios is near Agios Filipos but on the opposite side of the road. It is very small, built of stone and with white washed front side. One of the wall is covered with century old paintings of saints. It is owned by Kourentzi family.
- Agios Andreas lies near the walking path to Almira beach. It has stone columns built into the walls at the entrance.
- Agios Stefanos is 100 meters away from Almira beach but hidden from the sea. It is partially built into the ground and has stone columns in the walls.
- Agios Polikarpos has only a single wall standing. The rest is columns and stone boulders fallen on the ground and partially overgrown by trees. It is located on the hill slope halfway between Alika and Kyparissos.

The sea shore is less than kilometer away, reachable via a dirt road, but is rocky and not suitable for swimming. The closest beach is Almira and it is less than 2 km away in Kyparissos direction. Almira beach can also be reached on foot via a shortcut which starts near Alika’s main crossroad and takes around 12 minutes to reach the sea.

highlights: village with long history, small churches and stone houses, village in Mani Region, Peloponnese, Greece

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