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Built on a high hill above Anthousa and overlooking the entire bay of Parga, the ruins of Ali Pasha castle can be visited any time. There is no entrance fee and the fortress is not locked. It is 5.5 km away from Parga but walking would be difficult as the sea altitude is high and the road is steep.

The site is easily reachable by car, as the road continues to a parking lot about 100 meters from the fortress. There is also a tourist land train from Parga which goes to the castle everyday during the summer season, with a professional guide included. The walls of the castle are still preserved, as well as a few cannons. The view from the top of the castle is very impressive, especially in clear weather when even the outlines of the nearby islands of Corfu and Paxos can be seen.

highlights: fortress overlooking the entire bay of Parga, historical sight in Preveza Region, Epirus, Greece

Ali Pasha CastleOn the wayOld houses along the roadOld houses along the roadThe road train from PargaThe road train from PargaTourists exiting the castleInsideInside the ruinsInside the ruinsPart of the wallsInsideAli Pasha CastleThe castle topAgia villagePeople walking insideAnthousa village below and Parga in the distanceRoad from Parga to PerdikaAncient gunAncient gunThe wallsAli Pasha CastleClouds and Parga in the distanceAli Pasha CastleGun on the topInsidePeeking through the ruinsParga coveRuinsRuinsInside the ruinsInside the ruinsAli Pasha CastleThe lower levelTunnelTunnelThe entranceAli Pasha CastleThe train unloading touristsAli Pasha CastleThe road train from PargaThe road train from PargaSignsAli Pasha Castle
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Address: Preveza Region, Epirus, Greece
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