Ai Giannis

Ai Giannis beach in middle July

Ai Giannis, which is short for Agios Ioanis, is the main beach of Paralia Sykia. Since it is the largest and most centrally positioned of all the beaches in the area, they hardly call it by the name and usually refer to it as Paralia Sykia.

Ai Giannis is long and wide, with fine sand and shallow water. In the summer a beach cantina operates at the south end of the beach near Linaraki and it provides a limited number of sunbeds and parasols but this beach is so vast that it never gets crowded and you can always find a free space or free sunbed. Here you will find the largest number of accommodation in the area, presented in small complexes with studios to rent and a couple of campsites. The distance from the main road to the beach is more than 1 km and some of the properties are away from the sea but all of them have green gardens with play areas and barbecue facilities. The tavernas however are concentrated in Pygadaki, although there is one traditional taverna behind Ai Giannis.

The coastal road which runs parallel to Ai Giannis connects all the beaches of Sykia and reaches Valti to the north and Klimataria to the south. It is illuminated at night and pleasant for walk to the neighbor Linaraki and Pygadaki.


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highlights: the main and largest beach of Paralia Sykia, beach in Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece

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