Agios Ioannis

Agios Ioannis

Agios Ioannis beach lies just below the monastery with the same name, located in the "barren" southwest part of Milos. Would be good to mention that the beach consists of three adjacent sandy coves but the road ends at the southernmost. To reach the next two coves you need a boat (or you can swim from one cove to the other). The third, northernmost cove, is very impressive with its high white cliffs.

People rarely come to Agios Ioannis due to the difficult access but if you decide to visit the beach by car (4x4 is recommended) there are two options. The first is via a road which passes by Achivadolimni and goes to Embourios. Before Embourios the road forks and there are signs specifying the direction to Agios Ioannis. The second option is to reach it via the road which goes along the south coast after Provatas. Note that in both cases most of the route includes traveling over a dirt road with gravel.

highlights: beach with difficult access, beach in Milos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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Agios IoannisDistant view from the monasteryThe road to the beach as seen from the monastery
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