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If you look for a really isolated holiday on Naxos, maybe you should consider Agiassos. This is the remotest place on the southwest coast of the island where the paved road ends. It is not a village but it offers a few houses with rooms to rent and two cafe-restaurants, so accommodation is available in the summer. The closest mini market from which you can buy food is in Kastraki, 6 km away, and in Mikri Vigla (9 km) there is a bakery as well.

Agiassos (Agiasos) has a very long and wide beach, with soft yellow and transparent water. The sea is very shallow around the shore and suitable for small kids. There are no beach facilities and almost no people because the tourists who come searching for a wilder spot are few. Nearby there are plenty of other beaches like Pyrgaki and the beaches of Aliko, or tiny coves with no names. A dirt road starts from Agissos and leads to Kalantos beach which is even more isolated.

You can reach Agiassos in two ways. One is to follow the coastal road from Mikri Vigla and pass by Aliko and Pirgaki. The other route is from the inner village of Ano Sangri and the Bazeos tower museum. There is a local bus connection with the island capital but it is not regular and you`d better have your own vehicle to stay in this part of Naxos.

  • Beach
    Sandy, Shallow, Secluded, Remote, Taverna
highlights: isolated beach with rooms to rent, beach in Naxos, Cyclades Islands, Greece
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