Achivadolimni (also Chivadolimni) is a long beach in Adamas gulf, maybe the longest on the island. It is located close to the airport, the village of Adamas is 6-7 km away.

Achivadolimni varies in its west and east ends. The west part is wider, with some trees providing natural shade, fine sand and shallow water. The sea in the east part is deeper and the beach strip is narrower, with high cliffs behind it and less visitors. In the cliffs you can see a couple of interesting boat garages. Above Achivadolimni is Camping Milos, which has also a restaurant, but in the area there are no other cafes or taverns.

highlights: long beach in Adamas gulf, beach in Milos, Cyclades Islands, Greece

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AchivadolimniBeach view from the hill aboveWalking on the beach just before sundownRusty hook in the middle of the beach, someone moors his boat to itColorful stones can be seen here and there on the beachThe beach front in calm weather and before sundownWaiting for the sunset on the beachAt the back of the beach there are sirmata carved into the sandstone cliftBach view from the road to AdamasSome yachts moor on this beach beacause it is much less populatedAchivadolimniAchivadolimniAchivadolimni
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