Top 10 things to do in Milos island

Although less popular and even unknown to many fans of Greece, Milos is a not an island to neglect. Its numerous weird beaches, quaint harbors and laid-back atmosphere would leave no regrets about your choice have you considered to spend your holiday there. This article is definitely not about Milos beaches as they are so many and so diverse that they deserve special attention. It is rather a hint on the most interesting things you can do apart from beach activities.

1. Tour Kleftiko by boat

The white sea rock formations known as Kleftiko are located in the undeveloped part of Milos and reachable only by boat. Plenty of boats from Adamas port offers full day trips around the island which include a long stop at Kleftiko for swimming and cliff jumping. Invisible labyrinth of tiny sea caves cross the rocks from inside and the trip organizers use small inflatable boats to allow tourists see them. NB: Kleftiko may be reached on foot via undesignated path but this is not recommendable due to the viper reserve close by).

2. Discover the syrmata villages

Syrmata (sing. syrma) is a Greek word for fishermen`s huts with boat garages dug in the rocks in front of the sea. Such syrmata can be seen on a few Cyclades island but Milos has plenty of them. The most popular of these villages is Klima, with photogenic fishing huts painted in bright red, blue, yellow and green colors. The boat garages are on the ground floors of the huts. Firopotamos and Mandrakia are smaller but not less scenic and attractive in their own way.

3. Watch the sunset from Kastro

The old neighborhood of the beautiful village of Plaka Milou is called Kastro - a historical area where some of the oldest houses of the island were built inside the walls of an ancient castle. Today only ruins of the castle can be seen but on the top of Kastro there is a small church with 360-degree view over the entire island and the especially dramatic sunset which somehow reminds of a sunset observed from the caldera of Santorini.

4. Feel the moon landscape of Sarakiniko

Discussing the beach opportunities?

The area around Sarakiniko beach is rich in smooth white rocks which however are very easy to walk on. No wonder why they call it the "moon beach" of Milos, it really looks out of this world. Enter the tunnels of the Saracen pirates dug in the white cliffs and find Sarakiniko Shipwreck before it fully submerges in the sea. On the way to the shipwreck you will see weird rock formations which resemble mushrooms, animals and other figures your imagination may work out.

5. Visit the abandoned sulfur mines

Distant view to the mine and beach

Thiorichia is the name of the abandoned sulfur mines on Paliorema beach. The atmosphere around is surreal, with rocks in various colors and scattered wagons and mining tools. The place may be visited by boat or on foot but we recommend the walk down to the beach and the mines - thus you can see the ladscape as on the photo above.

6. Go down the catacombs

Many believe that the Catacombs of Milos are the most important historical sight of the island. It is a complex of early Christian underground tombs set in groups of halls and carved in a soft volcanic rock. The tombs occupy the entire hill between Trypiti and Klima but only part of them are officially open for a visit. Some of them can be also seen from the sea, when you tour the island by boat.

7. Explore the wild half

Half of Milos is a nature reserve protected by Natura 2000. The beaches are long, sandy and empty. There are no paved roads, no infrastructure and no villages except for one tiny fishing harbor with a couple of houses - Embourios, which surprisingly has a working tavern in the summer although it fully suits the description "in the middle of nowhere". Another interesting place in the reserve is the Agios Ioannis Monastery.

8. Make a one-day trip to Kimolos

The tiny but authentic Kimolos is very close to Pollonia of Milos and local ferries run frequently in the summer. The trip is short and cheap. You can go in the morning, have a walk in the main village of Chorio Kimolou, sunbath at the gorgeous Prassa beach and go back to Milos in the afternoon. And if you like it very much, you can plan a future holiday on Kimolos.

9. Find your favorite meal

Horiatiki salata - Traditional Greek Salad

Milos cuisine is a paradise for gourmets and fans of the Mediterranean diet. The local recipes slightly differ from the traditional Greek dishes, interpreted by the island residents in their own ways and supplemented with locally grown products. Taverna O Hamos near Adamas is one of those places where you can try these interpretations. Volcanic food is something special you can try at Paleochori beach.

10. Swim in hot sea

Due to volcanic past of Milos, there are hot mineral springs even around the shore. One of these places where you can have spa-like experience is the small beach of Loutra Alikis, close to the airport and on the way to Achivadolimni. At first sight the springs are not visible but when you approach the sea you will notice numerous tiny bubbles as if the water is starting to boil. The springs are hot but mixed with the cold sea they make a pleasant warm bath around the shore. The water is very rich in sulfur and other minerals, so you may need to consult your physician beforehand in case you have particular health problems.

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