Eat Greek #3 - Greek Salad

Greek salad by the sea

A visit of any Greek taverna usually involves the order of the most popular salad, and namely the Greek salad. Also called horiatiki (which means ”village style”), it is the favorite dish of anyone and available everywhere. You may not find a rich choice of salads at every Greek restaurant you go but horiatiki is always in the menu, even at fast food restaurants and seasonal cantinas by the road/beach. The main ingredients are tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, thin slices of green pepper, olives and cheese, seasoned with oregano or basil and dressed with lots of olive oil. According to the original recipe the cheese must be feta but depending on locations, it may be replaced by a local type of cheese - always white. Additional products vary from place to place and may include capers, crumbles pieces of rusks or may contain a specific product only for a particular tavern.

This salad is very fresh and goes along with almost everything but be aware that sometimes (or, better to say, in most cases) the portion is quite large. Together with the bread the Greeks always serve and some orektika (appetizers), it may well feed one person but who is not tempted to try the cooked dishes, the meat specialties, the fish and seafood instead of eating only salad? So, share the Greek salad with your companion(s) and enjoy more of the Greek cuisine specialties you can order.

Horiatiki salata - Traditional Greek Salad
Greek salad variety with capers and red pepper
Greek salad
A classic one with some marinated greenery on the top
Greek salad
This one with more cucumbers
Greek salad at taverna in Temploni, Corfu
And this one with prevailing tomatoes
Greek dinner
And one more, enjoying the company of Mythos beer
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