Galissas ist Dorf in Syros. In der Nähe sind die Dörfer von Finikas, Voulgari, Agathopes, Poseidonia, Lotos, Komito, Kini, Talanta, Delfini, Abella, Megas Gialos, Ermoupoli, Ano Syros, Vari, Azolimnos und Fabrika. Auf dieser Website befinden sich 26 Hotels in Galissas.

höhepunkt: Galissas, Dorf in Syros, Kykladen Inseln, Griechenland

Organized beach with sunbeds and umbrellasShallow waters at the beachThe shallow sea next to the boat pierColored boatsFishing boats moored for the nightColored fishing boats and the village main pierSun down view from the main pierFishing boats and pierGalissasThe most popular transportation - motorbikeThe beach is ready to welcome the first visitorsBeach, sand, sea, sunbeds and umbrellasTiny waves washing at the beachThe perfect beach scene - sunbeds, umbrella, sea and sunPeople looking for the perfect beach spotLone umbrella at the beachPeople enjoying he last sun rays at the beachTiny wave washing at the sandy beachWarming at the sunMunicipality beach rules

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