The beaches of Paralia Sykia - part 1

Transparent blue water

If one can say that Sithonia (Halkidki) was unknown destination a decade ago, then Paralia Sykia was completely under the radar until recently, except for the locals. Its scenic beaches and the beauty and tranquility of the area however could not stay hidden forever.

Paralia Sykia literally means "the beach of Sykia" but it is not just one beach, as some may think. It comprises of a large seaside area in the east side of Sithonia which also includes the land between the sea and the inner village of Sykia. The shoreline is characterized by large and small coves divided by rocks and connected via coastal road.

Transparent water and rocks next to Klimataria

If you follow the signboard to Paralia Sykia, you will first reach Ai Giannis, the main and largest beach. If you take the left direction, the road will lead you first to Griavas and then to Valti, as you will see a couple of tiny beaches and peculiar rocks between them. If you go to the right, you will enjoy the sea view from above, passing consecutively through the beaches of Linaraki, Pygadaki, Tourkolimnionas and after a few more kilometers winding on the road - to Klimataria. The names of the beaches may seem clumsy and a bit hard to pronounce but if you visit them you will definitely remember each name. You can often see someone snorkeling around the rocks in the completely transparent water, or rented boats anchored in the blue sea near the shore. Sometimes Kriaritsi and Tigania, two other beaches to the south are also considered part of Paralia Sykia but they are most easily accessible through the Ghost city of Sithonia.

view of the whole beach from above the 5 steps taverna

Could it be for the large space it occupies, or for the lack of some facilities typical for the developed resorts, Paralia Sykia never feels too crowded or noisy, no matter more people come year after year. The nice beach tavernas and small guesthouses can make you spend your vacation here without missing anything, except night life and bustle. In the first part of this article about the seaside of Sykia, we will present you some of these beaches, and namely the ones south from the main beach Ai Giannis.


View to Linaraki from the coastal road

The small Linaraki is very shallow around the shore and the water is usually warm and calm, the beach taverna is right behind. The only negative of this place is that there is no space between the coastal road and the beach strip so cars pass just a few meters away.


Octopuses drying in the sun

Pygadaki is more popular as a place to dine out but the beach is not to neglect as well, with blue and transparent water. Three beachfront tavernas are lined along the road, alluring with tables in white and blue and free sunbeds and parasols for clients. Octopuses drying in the sun invite you to try the fresh fish and sea food. The other name of Pygadaki is Skala Sykias because it is the fishing harbor of Sykia village and the boats providing fish can be regularly see arriving and departing.


A boat has dropped by

Tourkolimnionas is a lovely cove with blue water like the rest beaches of the area. It is bit quieter that its neighbors probably because there is only one taverna and nothing else, it is a day-time destination. The sand is coarse and water goes deep a few meters from the shore but the sea slopes gently and no big waves appear.


The color of the sea around Klimataria looks almost unreal. The sea bottom is covered by fine white sand making the water transparent and giving you the feeling of a large swimming pool. Klimataria is very suitable for the little ones because it is very shallow around the shore and the sea slopes gently. There is very little free space, however, because in the summer the entire beach strip is occupied by a few beach bars and in July and August it can get really noisy. Behind Klimataria is the Ghost city of Sithonia, a real labyrinth to get lost in.

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