The boat trip checklist

When you go to a Greek island or seaside, there is something that everyone should do - a boat trip! The boats and their crews will tour you to fascinating places and otherwise unreachable locations. Those memorable moments can be spoiled by small and often overlooked details.

So lets keep it short and go through the check list which can significantly improve your boat trip experience.

The list

1. If not in a hurry, check the boats and their crews in advance. Usually in the evening the harbors are busy and there crew members and past boat-tripper to chat with.
2. Check the forecast and pick the perfect day - windless, sunny and calm weather is your best choice.
3. Prepare the sun lotion, glasses and big hat. A bottle of water and long sleeves shirt can be life savers.
4. Have a travel gum* with you - it will solve the sea sickness problem. God save the Panormos yacht captain in Milos for sharing his gums with us!
5. Charge the camera battery and put on your swim suit in advance.
6. Wake up and reach the harbor pier on time. These boats are like the planes - the best places are taken first and the crew may not wait for late passengers.
7. Take your best mood and be ready for a great boat trip.

* Travel gum is not suitable for kids under the age of 12, so in this case you`d better ask for alternatives at the local pharmacy.

Fool moon between yacht masts
Boat trip yachts lined at Adamas harbor in Milos. Each boat will have a crew member or representative near by.
Bigger boat waiting for people in Lakka, Paxos.
People exploring the crystal blue waters near Voutoumi beach, Antipaxos, during a swim stop.
There are daily trips with bigger boats that will journey to nearby islands or peculiar locations. These tour ships have just arrived at the still hot volcanic Nea Kameni island, in the middle of Santorini caldera.
boat and birds
The sea gulls are always hungry and may accompany you far away from the shoreline.
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