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Located on the east coast of Sithonia, Portokali Beach or Orange Beach, as they also call it, lies somewhere between Sarti and Vourvourou. Its original name in Greek is Kavourotripes (meaning crab holes). You can`t see it from the main road, but it is not so hard to find it thanks to the signboards on both sides of the road saying Portokali. The road after the turnoff is uneven and steep. After 50 meters going down you will get to a leveled spot under a group of trees - this is the parking space. You already see the beach but you can`t continue by car.

In the past the beach was used by nudes mainly, but recently it became popular and all tourists occupy it. Portokali beach consists of limestone rocks where you can stretch your towel and walk calmly without slipping, and there are some sandy spots. The sea floor is sandy and the water is unique combination of light and dark blue.

highlights: Orange beach on the east coast, near Sarti, beach in Sithonia, Halkidiki, Greece

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